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Five days of biking through various landscapes in Morocco

The Atlas Gravel Bike Tour itinerary includes five days of biking through various landscapes in Morocco. Here’s a breakdown of each day’s route and highlights

Day 1: Ourika – Imlil

  • Meet the guide at 8:00 am at your hotel in Marrakech.
  • Travel east to the northern edge of the Ourika Valley, populated by Berbers.
  • Start the ride from the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains.
  • Ride through challenging hilly roads, testing your abilities.
  • Reach Tizi n’Tadmamt at 1813m for a beautiful lunch with stunning views.
  • Enjoy the views over the valley and Mount Toubkal.
  • Descend towards Asni and then ride through Berber villages along the Imnan Valley.
  • Descend to the Imlil Valley and reach the accommodation.
  • Distance: 25km drive, 92km gravel biking.
  • Uphill: 2920m, downhill: 1790m.
  • Elevation Gain: -620m / 2370m.

Day 2: Imlil – Ouirgan

  • Start the morning in the Imlil Valley, a small village in the High Atlas Mountains.
  • Bike down on the tarmac road to Imi n’Oughlad.
  • Begin the climb to Tizi n’Techt and have lunch there.
  • Continue biking towards the red valley and then descend across Tizi Zgough village.
  • Head to Ouirgane valley, a small Berber town, for the night.
  • Distance: Not specified.

Day 3: Ouirgan – Kik Plateau – Tnirt

  • After breakfast, transfer to the Asni Valley.
  • Start the ride with an ascent to Tizi Ouadou, offering a beautiful view of the Azzaden Valley and more.
  • Have lunch at a local’s home and then head towards the Kik plateau at an altitude of 1400m.
  • Enjoy the view of the Nafis valley and the Lala Takrkouste dam.
  • Descend to the village of Ouchfilne and continue on a tarmac road to reach Amizmiz town.
  • Climb along the valley of Angal towards Tnirt village.
  • Arrive at the riad hotel in the late afternoon.
  • Distance: 10km drive, 82km gravel biking.
  • Uphill: 2180m, downhill: 1690m.
  • Elevation Gain: -740m / 1700m.

Day 4: Tnirt – Sidi Bedhaj

  • Depart after breakfast for a day with a panoramic view of the Agafay desert plain.
  • Cross a forest and descend to the village of Dar Jmaa for lunch.
  • Cycle through clay Berber villages and olive farms, passing Oulad Mtaa.
  • Reach Sidi Bedhaj for the night.
  • Distance: 75km gravel biking.
  • Uphill: 790m, downhill: 1680m.
  • Elevation Gain: -670m / 1850m.

Day 5: Sidi Bedhaj – Marrakech

  • Spend the last day mostly on a gravel section, passing Berber and Arab villages.
  • Enjoy views of the Atlas Mountains covered in snow.
  • Have lunch in the Agafay desert.
  • Continue the ride to Marrakech for the night.
  • Distance: 94km gravel biking.
  • Uphill: 350m, downhill: 680m.

Elevation Gain: -470m / 850m

In conclusion, the Atlas Gravel Bike Tour in Morocco offers a thrilling five-day biking adventure through diverse landscapes and cultural experiences. Starting from Marrakech, the tour takes participants through the Ourika Valley, High Atlas Mountains, Berber villages, Ouirgan Valley, Kik Plateau, Agafay Desert, and back to Marrakech. Each day presents unique routes and highlights, including challenging hilly roads, stunning mountain views, and encounters with local Berber communities. The distances and elevations covered vary, providing opportunities for both uphill and downhill biking. The tour showcases the natural beauty of Morocco, including the snow-covered Atlas Mountains and panoramic views of valleys and plains. Participants also have the chance to enjoy traditional meals and experience the rich cultural heritage of the region. Overall, the Atlas Gravel Bike Tour offers an exciting and immersive biking experience that combines adventure, scenic beauty, and cultural exploration in the enchanting landscapes of Morocco.

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